Why You Need A Vacation Featured Image

Written By: Brad Bearden

Good morning!

Hopefully this finds you well rested and ready to take on the week ahead…regardless of the cold!

I’m writing you this morning with a very pressing message…one that I think you really need to hear.

It’s something that hit me last week, which personally was an incredible week. I turned thirty, got engaged, and for the first time in twelve years I took a real vacation. I escaped the cold weather (at least for a little while) and allowed myself to decompress. Other than taking a long weekend or staying an extra day on a business trip; I literally had not taken a real vacation since 2003.

And honestly, I had no idea how much I needed one. And, that’s why I’m writing you today. It hit me that I spend my entire life teaching and coaching on the importance of taking care of yourself, but have neglected to do that very same thing myself.

I spend countless hours each and every week helping people find ways to take better care of themselves in hopes that they will then be able to live a more exciting and fulfilling life. But yet I did not even recognize that I was failing to do that very same thing for myself. And, to be honest…I began to burn out.

I was mentally, physically, and spiritually exhausted. I wanted to give more of myself (and knew I needed to) but I was running on fumes. I tried sleeping more than I ever had before, but was still constantly feeling exhausted. My focus wasn’t nearly as clear as it had been, my consistency started to falter and my enthusiasm was diminishing. I was trying with all I had, but for the first time in my life I began to wonder if it was enough…or if it ever would be. I started to doubt myself and my abilities.

And, in the midst of it, I had no idea why.

But, on about my third day of just sitting on the beach and finally letting myself “let go”, it hit me. I couldn’t remember the last time I actually stopped working. I couldn’t recall the last time I actually took a vacation. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I allowed myself to really relax.

As I continued to flip through the years in my mind, I realized it has been almost twelve full years since I did just that. And let’s just say, a lot of life has happened in those twelve years. And I was long overdue for the vacation I was on.

So, I had a blast. I kicked backed, let go and just enjoyed the Cancun sun. Oh…and I got engaged. 😉

It was incredible. It was refreshing. And it was needed. I feel more rejuvenated than I can explain and am once again ready to take on the world!

I literally couldn’t wait to get back to the gym this morning and see my staff and my clients!

But this also reminded me of how important it is that my clients (and staff) are doing the same thing…taking care of themselves.

The fact is most of the people reading this email are very driven individuals themselves and if not now, at some point in their lives, could probably relate to how I was feeling just a couple of weeks ago: burnt out and exhausted.

So, I’m sending this email to you as a reminder: Take care of the one thing that impacts everything else you do (and give to): Yourself.

You’re an amazing individual, and quite frankly, this world is in desperate need of more people like you. More leaders like you, more business owners like you, more moms like you, more dads like you, and more friends like you. But this world needs you performing at your prime, not at 50% or 60%.

So again, please, take some advice from a friend. Take some time for you. Invest in yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Take care of YOU and all those that look to you for leadership, care and provision will be forever grateful. I promise.