5 Tips On Surviving Thanksgiving Featured Image

Turkey day is here again. Time to gather with family, friends, and eat  A LOT of food. With the average person consuming over 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day, that can be detrimental to your weight loss progress.

But take heart here are 5 tips that can allow you to enjoy Thanksgiving without destroying your physic


  1. Workout Before the big meal

Doing a simple 30 minute workout some time before you eat can help your body deal with the excess calories. When you exercise it not only buns calories but also increase your metabolism. Increasing the amount of fat you burn throughout the day. Who doesn’t want a little extra fat burn while you eat Grandma’s famous Mac and cheese.


  1. The One plate Rule

I know it’s going to be hard to resist all the tasty food that’s going to be in front of you all day. I would be crazy to tell you not to have even a bit of that dressing. So don’t fight the temptation. Control it.

Grab you one plate and fill it up with all the Thanksgiving food you want. But that’s the thing. It’s only ONE PLATE!!! Don’t go back for seconds enjoy that one plate. Also don’t over stuff it or get the biggest plate you can find. Get a normal size plate and enjoy.


  1. No snaking

The sit down meal on Thanksgiving is on average 3,000 calories. The rest of those 4,500 calories come from snacking. Just avoiding the “eating all day” syndrome can reduce your intake by 1,500 calories.


  1. Avoid the 2nd Thanksgiving

I never understood this one before but, after being married for two Thanksgivings now I fully understand the presser of eating two thanksgiving meals.

You have to go eat with your side of the family and it would just be rude not to eat your mother in law’s green bean casserole. But sometime you just have to be rude and ask for a little forgiveness. Don’t eat two thanksgiving meals. Remember that will add another 3,000 calories to your day.


  1. No left overs

So by now you have workout before you ate, only had one plate, didn’t snack and have been talked about by your in laws for not eating. But now here the most important step of them all. DO NOT TAKE HOME ANY LEFTOVERS!!!

In realty one day of day eating is not going to kill you. You always get back on track and recover from it. But if you eat that thanksgiving meal for the next 3 to 5 days, by making turkey sandwiches and eating the rest of pecan pie for a whole week. You will have completely sabotaged your weight loss.

It only takes an extra 200 calories a day to gain weight. Just think if you consumed an extra 1500 calories a day for an entire week. Trust me you don’t want to know how many Burrpees you have to do to burn that off.