I’m Just Too Busy… Featured Image

Written By: Sean Thompson

“I’m too busy to workout”

This has to be the number one excuse that all of us have either heard or said to someone else.

I understand you have stuff to do, people you have to take care of and bills you have to pay.

But you do have time to workout…

It’s just not a priority to you.

It’s not that you need to change your schedule…

You just need to change your mindset.

Here are a few steps to help you get the process started…

  • Make it a competition.

Ever feel like you are trying to start working but just lack motivation?

That’s because you don’t have a goal that you’re working toward…there is no “win” to be had…

You’ve got to change that.

Sing up for a local 5K, enter in a strong man competition, buy a dress that you can’t yet fit into…

Do something that will get you going to the gym because there is a goal you’re working toward.

  • Get some accountability.

Share your goals with someone that you know will not let you forget about it.

Or better yet, get a workout buddy that will commit to a goal of their own and then hold each other accountable…

Some of the strongest bonds are made through people who exercising together. Watch your exercise buddy become one of your closest friends.

  • Choose a form of exercise you enjoy.

Working out is a lifestyle change…not some temporary fix.

Chose an activity you look forward to doing.

If running is relaxing to you and relives the stress of your day, be a runner.

If lifting weights makes you feel like Superman, pump some iron.

No matter what it is, if you enjoy it and it gets you sweeting…do it.

Apply these simple tips and watch how you surprisingly “find time” to work out and your quality of life improves in ways you can’t even imagine.