Picky Eaters- Did You Know You Can Change Your Taste Buds? Featured Image

If you’re a picky eater, I have a question for you. Are you still saying you don’t like Brussels sprouts because you didn’t like them when you were six years old? It’s time to move forward and branch out!

Our taste buds change over time. We actually have the ability to change them by the food choices we make. Studies have shown that after cutting sugar in your diet, you start to prefer low sugar foods. The same holds true for salt and fat. Fast food and processed foods are loaded with sugar, salt, and fat. It makes sense that if we eat fast food on a regular basis, our taste buds will expect extreme sensations.

Give yourself and your taste buds a break from these and you’ll be doing yourself a favor. By concentrating on sugar, salt, and fat, the food industry has distorted the American diet in favor of high caloric foods that have created an epidemic of poor eating habits.

The good news is that this change can happen in just a few weeks! If you normally use 3 packets of sugar in your coffee, cut back to 2. The next week, cut back to one. Before you know it, you have trained your taste buds to enjoy coffee and other foods with much less sugar.

Try, try again! Sometimes we can try a vegetable that may taste bitter because we aren’t used to it. Instead of deciding you don’t like it, try it again later. Maybe try it cooked a different way (roasted instead of steamed). Try it 3-5 times and you’ll become familiar with the taste and may realize you actually enjoy it!