Lisa Stephen

Lost 69 POUNDS body fat 19.1%


David Wiley

Lost 69 POUNDS body fat 19.1%


Jennifer Willis

Lost 37 POUNDS body fat 14%


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Christy Pierce

Lost 26 POUNDS body fat 12%


Lauren Davis

Lost 69 POUNDS body fat 19.1%


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Zac Clifton

Lost 124lbs in 13 months

When I met Brad and was introduced to his team at Elite Fitness, I was the largest I have ever been. My career as an accountant had kept me stuck behind a desk for far too long and I weighed in over 330lbs. Thankfully, all that has changed.

I've now lost over 120lbs and found a multitude of great friends that share a healthy lifestyle with. Elite Fitness, their trainers, and tailored nutrition have truly changed my life for the better.

I would recommend them to anyone looking to get on a better path to health.

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Robert Thornton

Lost 103 POUNDS body fat 21.7%

Lauren McGuffey

Lost 37lbs in 7 months

I cannot actually put into words how much Elite Fitness and Body has changed my life! I have worked out at too many different gyms to count and have tried a personal trainer on other occasions also, only to be left discouraged and with the same bad habits.

This is a place where every single person that works here truly wants you to succeed and will help you do that and more. They have a passion and a knowledge that surpasses everything else I have come into contact with.

It is a 100% positive environment and they treat you like family. For anyone looking for a place to try and become healthier and get a new start in life, this is the place to be!

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Lane Siddall

Lost 26lbs in 6 months

I've been training with Brad and his team for nearly a year. One of the first questions Brad asked me was what my goals were. At the time, I told him my 3rd marathon training had been cut short due to stress fractures in both hips over the past 2 years - and I wanted to run injury-free. Fast forward to today...I keep a daily food journal, thanks to their TakeDown Lifestyle program and I'm in better shape physically and mentally, than when I was in college.

Today, I'm 25 pounds lighter and the fitness and nutrition professionals at Elite Fitness have helped me reduce my body fat from over 25% to 9%!

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Matt Wilson

Lost 71POUNDS body fat 38 inches


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Christy Higgins

Lost 139lbs in 18months

Elite Fitness has been a wonderful experience.

The owner, Brad, takes a very personal approach with his clients. The small size of each exercise class is a big plus, as it creates a family type atmosphere. Working with others toward a common goal is very encouraging and rewarding. Elite Fitness has been 100% committed to helping me reach my diet, exercise and fitness goals.

If you are ready for a life changing experience, then come join the Elite Fitness family!

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