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At Elite Fitness you will be provided the coaching and accountability that's needed in order to achieve your goals in a very private and comfortable environment. We are a results oriented company and we are completely committed to making certain that you have every ounce of support that you need in order to succeed.

Our team of expert trainers and nutrition technicians work collectively to provide each client with a personally tailored program that directly aligns with their goals and lifestyle. Our five step process will repeatedly address every aspect of your personal fitness and weight loss goals and make certain you are given every ounce of support that you need.

In short, we guarantee your success.

We acknowledge that is a very bold statement, but it is one we have made and will continue to make confidently. So much so that we put it in writing. You DON’T have to be perfect. But, if you’ll commit to our program and see it through, we guarantee you that you will achieve the goals we set. And, if by chance, at the completion of your program you have not achieved your goals, we will write you a check for 100% of your investment back…no questions asked.

Below, you will find a more detailed description of our services. We proudly serve Birmingham and the surrounding areas!
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Private Personal Training
A program that is designed specifically to cater towards you and your fitness and/or weight loss goals. We will take into consideration your health history, physical capabilities, daily activity level, personal commitment level, availability, work and family restraints, dietary habits, and your desired time frame for achievement. With this in mind we will design a very specific and detailed program that, if adhered to, will guarantee success.

This is our premier service in which we invest a substantial amount of time into each and every session. It can be expected that for each personal training session, we will typically invest somewhere between thirty-minutes and two hours of additional time in preparation.

These session are serviced within a one-to-one private structure in which each client gets an enormous amount of individual attention. As is the same with all of our training sessions, the length of each session varies day to day depending on the particular focus for that particular day.
Semi-Private Personal Training
Our semi-private training programs is by far our most popular program and for good reason. Our semi-private sessions are only a fraction of the cost, but yet, very similar to our one-to-one private training sessions in that they include a substantial amount of personalization and individual attention.

In our semi-private sessions, (which is typically a group between 3 to 5 clients) we are able to incorporate a lot of high energy, team oriented exercises that are fun, challenging and motivating! Our semi-private training programs include all of the measurement tracking, nutrition counseling and goal setting sessions that are included in our one-to-one private training sessions.
TakeDown LifeStyle
Life Changing, Research Driven, Nutritional Coaching for Everyone. That is our mission with our TakeDown™ LifeStyle Nutrition Program. 

The fact is, almost everyone struggles with nutrition. And unfortunately, regardless of how hard you work in the gym, even if you're training correctly, you cannot out-work a poor diet. That is why ALL of our training programs include enrollment into our TDL Nutrition Program.

The TDL program is so consistently successful because our philosophy is based on a balanced nutrition plan with sensible portion sizes, not deprivation or starvation as many methods lean on.  We believe in teaching you how to work with your body rather than against it, and how to eat strategically so that you can live both a healthy and fit life without starving yourself.

Also, it should be noted that although TDL enrollment is included into each of our training programs, your TDL Nutrition Program will be treated as a completely separate component. Meaning, you will have separate one-on-one appointment's every two weeks specifically for nutrition management and coaching.

We also offer our TakeDown™ LifeStyle Nutrition Program as a "stand alone" service for those that are only interested in our nutrition management and coaching services. Please contact us at 205-552-5780 for more information.
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